About the workshop

“For a change a really practical workshop. I can take this directly into my classroom.”
Teacher from St Stithians Girls Prep

“Empowering. Really excited to go back to class on Monday and cater for the needs of a diverse group of learners.”
Teacher from St Stithians Girls Prep

“Thank you for not overwhelming me with a condescending self-confidence, thank you for not being “high and mighty” and overbearing: “I know everything and you are such a conservative teacher with such useless, old fashioned ideas.” It was worth my Saturday!!!”
Teacher from Trinity House Little Falls

“I enjoyed that it is very interactive and we are able to practise putting structures into place, very teacher and classroom friendly.”
Teacher from Trinity House Little Falls


About Kagan in the classroom

“Since attending Kagan training, day 1 and 2, I use this cooperative learning strategies not every now and then, but rather every single day in all parts of my teaching. Kagan has made it possible for all my learners to get involved and be active participants in their own learning. I have seen my children’s confidence grow and their willingness to participate and always try, has undoubtably been the most incredible thing to watch. By learning together my children now see that they are capable of anything. My classroom has become a kinder and safer space, and I owe that to Kagan.”
Grade 1 Teacher from Sacred Heart College

“Learning about Kagan structures has empowered me as a teacher in many ways. The approach of cooperative learning addresses classroom management, deep learning as well as emotional intelligence. My classroom is buzzing and active with learning.”
English, Visual Arts, and Creative Arts High School Teacher from Sacred Heart College