Trainer Profiles


Franchise Director: Peter Southey

Peter is a social entrepreneur.  Since 2004 he has been involved in education projects.  Before that:  a sheep farmer, lobbyist, trainer, consultant (degrees in Agriculture, Psychology and MBA).  His education projects have focussed on maths and blended learning, then he stumbled across Kagan Cooperative Learning – at Get Ahead, in Queenstown. He wandered into this workshop on the last day of his project there.  A South African franchise has been established and approaching two thousand teachers have experienced at least one day of training – across a range of schools.  Four super trainers are now certified, with more in the pipeline.  Exciting!


Kagan Trainers

Gail Murray

Gail has over 20 years of teaching experience.  She spent a few years in London and the rest of her teaching career has been in Johannesburg.   She is currently the head of the history department at St Andrews School for Girls.  In recent years she has been involved with multiple collaborative learning projects in the Senior Phase.  It is through these projects that she first came across the use of Kagan Cooperative Learning.  She has found this pedagogy useful for teaching across all grades, to both girls and boys, right up to matric.  She became a trainer to share what she has learnt with other teachers.

Jennalee King

Jennalee has  worked in Education for 8 years and has 4 years experience teaching in the Foundation Phase.  She has a passion for Education and for the power it holds to radically change South Africa. Many of the challenges faced in our schools have to do with overcrowding, under-resourcing, and lack of training in how to deal with these issues. Jennalee is excited to bring Kagan Cooperative Learning to schools as she feels that it holds the key to overcoming so many of the challenges faced.

Lilian Southey

Lilian has been involved with Education for the last 6 years and teaching in the classroom for the last 3 years.  During that time, she has taught Maths and Drama in the Senior Phase.  She was part of a team of teachers who worked on a learning program for Grade 8s which combined various disciplines.  Two years ago, she started the Information Technology department at St Mary’s Waverley and currently teachers Grade 10 – 12.  She values the diversity in which she has been able to apply Kagan Cooperative Learning and this is one of the reasons she became a trainer.

Wilfred Reynolds

Wilfred has 19 years of experience in education and training – 5 years teaching Geography, Business Economics and Biblical Studies across all High School grades; and 14 years facilitating training workshops for adults in Leadership Development, Management and various related “soft skills”.  He has discovered that not only do Kagan structures engage kids constructively, productively and in fun ways, but that adult learners love using them, too.  He became a trainer in order to help teachers discover the joy and buzz of having a class full of engaged kids who are improving their academic skills and, at the same time, automatically working on their social and communication skills.